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Create Custom Blogs Complimenting Your SEO Strategy

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Create Custom Blogs Complimenting Your SEO Strategy

Most of the businesses these days are engaged in business blogging as it has become a significant part of marketing and gaining better exposure. But it is not necessary that having a blog can help you optimize your business website for extra recognition by the search engines. In order to attain maximum attention of users as well as the search engine, your blog must be completely optimized to support search queries. Though most of the people fail to use the potential of blogging a little bit of hard work to present regular and relevant content with minute optimization could be of great help in improving your business in your niche. Here we bring you some amazing tips that can help you optimize your blog for effective contribution to your SEO strategy bringing positive exposure to your business.

Quality Research

First of all, before you start working on any kind of blog or article, make sure you spend some time on research. This is because researching on keywords is an inevitable part of on-page optimization. Though you may create a blog without even realizing that you have used a huge number of keywords in a natural way, you may write better and more resourceful content if you would prefer the use of relevant keywords. You can simply reach for tools like AdWords or Semrush for finding keywords that are completely intact to be included in your content. This way you can also reach for the keywords which are diverting the traffic to your Counterparts.

Build Impact

Google uses a lot of algorithms to read or crawl through your content. So when you are done with your blog which contains all the keywords you think can help bring users to your website, one thing which you have to define is the placement of the keywords. The places where you use keywords in your blog must be those areas which are specifically intended to target the attention of users on the web as well as crawlers. So, it would be great if you use keywords in the areas like title, headings, introduction, conclusion, meta, and anchor texts. Also, you should include a clear description or title of the image used in the blog including the relevant keyword. However, it is very important that you should not consume yourself in keyword stuffing because it will not only cause hurdle to the readers who reach your blog but also brings you a penalty to be indulged in the strategic use of keywords.

Provide References

When you are looking forward to effective blog writing, it should necessarily contain some statistics to create a deeper impact on the reader’s mind. And if you are in need to earn more credibility for your work, make sure you either provide the link or name of blogger to link with the information. This is an essential part of writing etiquette and sometimes you are fortunate enough to earn a quality backlink as well. As long as you are concerned to SEO, the quality backlinks are very important for bringing your website on the top of the SERP’s by earning you high DA and PA.


One of an effective SEO strategy you can foster is to plan some marketing ideas for your blog posts. This can be done very easily by inclining RSS or some kind of email subscription options to your blog. However, you have to ensure that you should not become one of those bloggers, who do not update their blog section for months and still has subscription options. Subscription options allow your users or followers to know about your latest edits or additions to the website whenever you bring some resourceful content.

Broader Reach

No matter what kind of business you are into, either you are operating at local level or internationally, you always have the power to broaden your reach with some strategic use of social media targeting such as using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to connect with the existing customers and gather better reach and engagement with potential customers. All you need to do is be more creative and create the posts that can interest the users and bring them to your website for reading your blog. Social media also gives you the advantage of planning the posts with quick scheduling that means you can post the content on right time when you expect to get maximum recognition.

So, if you are enthusiastic about strengthening your customer base, you can work on above-mentioned tips to make your website reach the top of search engine result pages with improved conversions and better traffic all in one go. Good luck!

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